* The content below was created by AI to help our users better understand the audit metrics and why they are important.

The “Images” section of the webpage analysis on SEO Test reveals information about the images used on the website and their respective ALT tags.

ALT tags are essential for improving a website’s SEO and accessibility, as they provide textual descriptions of images for search engines and visually impaired users.

The absence of ALT tags means that these images are not as accessible to users with visual impairments who rely on screen readers, and it also means that search engines lack contextual information to understand and index these images properly.

The analysis also provides specific details about some images and their ALT tags. For example, some images have ALT tags like “fbpx,” “star,” “shopify,” and “Automatic Discounts & Gifts for Shopify,” among others. However, many images are marked with “[data] Missing ALT,” indicating that these images lack the necessary ALT text.

In conclusion, to improve the website’s SEO and accessibility, it is recommended to add relevant and descriptive ALT text to the images missing ALT tags. This enhancement will make the website more user-friendly and optimized for search engine crawling and indexing.